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Woodgrain Doors

PrimAire® Retractable Screen Doors is the Ultimate solution in retractable screen door systems. While the concept has been around for over 40 years, earlier designs were developed without the benefit of long-term testing.  Most retractable screen doors were engineered by people who had very little or no experience with installing or servicing the product.  In addition, since they weren’t hands-on with the product, they couldn’t see how it would function over time.   PrimAire® Retractable Screen Doors was born out of this need to bring together the many years of product trials and create a unique design that not only provides a well-crafted, durable product, but with top functionality and an aesthetically appealing look.  PrimAire® Retractable Screen Doors's designer spent 15 years installing and maintaining retractable screen doors, and has seen over 10 different brands on the market.  

Double Door Lock 



Every component of PrimAire® Retractable Screen Doors, from the extruded aluminum, to the injection-molded, UV protected plastics, have been designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards.  Tolerances are held tight so that functionality is smooth and solid. 


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