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6 Benefits of a New Front Door

Replacing your existing front door with a new front door offers a variety of benefits, including getting the biggest bang for your buck.

The front door is an important part of any home, and many homeowners dream of creating a welcoming entryway to increase curb appeal. If you are thinking about getting a new front door, there are several things you should consider. We have compiled a list of the six benefits of a new front door to help you decide if replacing your front door is right for you.

1. Increased Curb Appeal Boosts Home Value

When you replace your front door, you have the chance to give your front entryway a complete refresh, helping to increase your home’s curb appeal. Replacing your front door also allows you to choose from a variety of material types, including wood, fiberglass and steel, that will create a warm welcome into your home. Each material type has its own set of benefits, such as a low-maintenance frame or naturally energy-efficient panel, and they are all beautiful options to improve your home’s curb appeal.

When your home’s curb appeal increases because of a new front door, an increase in your home’s value might follow. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value 2020 report, a new steel entry door has a return on investment (ROI) of 68.8%.

2. Ability to Make a Personal Design Statement

Of all the benefits of a new front door, the ability to make a personal design statement might be one of the most popular. A new front door can be transformational for your home’s exterior whether you simply choose a new front door color or choose a different style front door that matches your taste. Enhanced features such as grilles, crossbucks, clavos, decorative glass, dentil shelves, wrought iron and more can take your vision to the next level.

Our front doors are available in a variety of styles to complement your home’s aesthetic. A sleek, minimalistic panel design with full-light glass will perfectly complement your contemporary or modern home. Or if your style is more traditional, consider an ornate panel design with quarter-light glass or no glass. For a farmhouse style of home, choose a natural wood stain or bold red color for your front door. To complement your craftsman home, select a front door with a dentil shelf, sidelights and a classic wood stain.

3. The Right Level of Privacy and Light

Selecting a front door with glass is the easiest way to create a welcoming, light-filled entryway. But opting for a door with glass doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of your privacy. Sidelights and transoms provide another opportunity to balance light and privacy at your front door. Available on fiberglass front doors, blinds-between-the-glass are another great option to bring more privacy to your home. Adjust your blinds find the perfect balance of natural light and privacy.

Glass Options Clear, textured obscure and decorative glass options let in natural light while providing energy efficiency and privacy.

  • Clear glass is simple and provides the most light into your home.

  • Obscure glass is available in a number of creative textures to enhance your front door, no matter it's style, while also providing additional privacy for your home.

  • Decorative glass is typically hand-assembled patterns mixing obscure and beveled glass in in styles ranging from traditional and transitional decorative glass to more modern styles.

  • Glass sizes range from full light to 1/4 light so you can find the right balance of light and privacy

Sidelights and Transoms Sidelights are vertical pieces of glass flanking one or both sides of an entry door to allow more light into a home. Modern entry doors with full sidelights emphasize the airiness of a modern, light-filled home. The addition of matching sidelights to a farmhouse front door make an elegant design statement in addition to light. Craftsman light styles add character to your entry way while maintaining privacy.

Fill your home with light while maintaining a higher level of privacy with a complementing transom. A transom is a fixed glass window that sits above the door and sidelights. Available in rectangular and curved designs, transoms are used with all front door styles including solid-panel designs.

4. Enhanced Front Door Security

A new front door gives you the opportunity to enhance your home’s security features. Baldwin hardware has a legacy of quality and has ranked first in quality and security by architects, designers and builders around the country. Each Baldwin lockset is made from solid forged brass to stand up to life’s demands. Available on select hardware options for premium wood and fiberglass front doors, a multipoint lock provides additional security by locking in multiple places, helping to keep your home more secure.

5. Keep Your Home More Comfortable with an Energy-Efficient Door

A common source of drafts and leaks, your older entry door may not be keeping your home as comfortable as it could be. New or replacement entry doors provide a host of energy efficiency benefits that ultimately improve the comfort of your home.

  • Glass. While an entry door with glass is less energy efficient than a solid-panel design, dual-pane glass options provide energy-efficient doors with beautiful style. It can help reduce heat loss by reflecting it back into the home in the winter and in the summer, it reflects the sun’s rays away.

  • Energy-efficient door frames and panels. Engineered for exceptional energy efficiency, our front doors are made from wood, fiberglass and steel. Wood acts as a natural insulator, helping keep the cold out and heat in and vice versa. Another benefit of wood is its natural expansion and contraction to weather. The floating panel within the frame adjusts to outside weather extremes such as temperature fluctuations. Steel and fiberglass entry doors are designed with a durable composite frame that is rot resistant. Solid polyurethane foam-filled panels provide insulation against the elements to make your home more comfortable.

6. Smart Home Technology

With Pella's smart home technology, you can feel safe and secure while home and away. Pella Insynctive® Technology can be integrated into your products during factory assembly or added after your front door has been installed. With Pella Insynctive Technology, simply tap the accompanying free app to confirm if your front door is open or closed, locked or unlocked, and receive real-time alerts if the status changes.

From increasing your home’s curb appeal to helping improve your home’s safety and energy efficiency, a new front door can have several positive impacts on your home. Learn more about shopping for replacement front doors.

This article was written, created, and published by Pella Windows.

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