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Don't Fall For These Sneaky Window Sales Tactics

Exceptional Replacement Windows At Honest Terms By Lowery's Window And Door In Northeast AZ


Don't Fall For Sneaky Sales Tactics!

Choose Lowery's Window & Door –

Our Handshake Is Our Bond


When you work with a replacement window contractor in Northeast AZ, the last thing you want is to fall for some of the methods used to convince homeowners to sign a contract. You may regret your decision and wish you had contacted us first.


Because we are scrupulously honest and transparent, and we carefully avoid any sales ploys that could tarnish our reputation. We ALWAYS treat you with respect, forthrightness, and integrity.

We pride ourselves on our record of offering clients replacement windows or energy-efficient entry doors at a fair price, honest treatment, and good value for their hard-earned dollars. 


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Beware Of The Following Sales Strategies 

At Lowery's Window And Door, you can be sure we'll give you all the information you need to decide if you want to work with us. You'll receive a fair price, a detailed outline of the scope of work, and estimated start and completion dates. 

Then, we give you space and privacy to consider your choice. We never pressure you, and we never use hard sales or tricky tactics. 

Why not?

Because we don't want to manipulate you into working with us just once. We want you to return to us again and again for your next home remodeling projects. We hope you'll share your satisfaction with friends and write favorable online reviews about your exquisite new windows and doors.

You'd never do that if we tricked you. 

So, beware of some of these common sales schemes.

The Neighborhood Discount

You might have already experienced this one. If not, it works like this:

You receive a knock on the door by an enthusiastic go-getter. He explains that he and his partners are installing windows on a nearby house. While they are in the neighborhood, they are offering discounts to other local homeowners. 

He noticed that your windows and multi-slide doors could use some work, so he stopped by to offer his services. 

Are you interested in the neighborhood discount? It only lasts until they've completed the house they're remodeling, so you have to act fast.

If you encounter this situation, be wary. 

They may be pressuring you into signing up immediately without considering other options. You may not have time to request quotes from other contractors or to consider the quality of their work. And the neighborhood "discount" may not be a discount at all.

By contrast, we never insist you BUY NOW. We give you plenty of time to seek other price estimates and consider your options. We're confident we offer the best value, even if we're not the cheapest overall option.

Buy Two, Get One Free 

You may see ads online or in circulars for contractors promoting a free window for every two windows you purchase. Of course, these promotions only last for a week or two.

Again, the purpose of this type of advertisement is to instill in you a feeling of urgency. You have to act quickly, or you'll miss out on valuable savings.

The truth is that to afford to "throw in" a free window for every two you buy, the window company must raise the price of the windows you do pay for. You usually don't end up saving any money at all.

Your best bet is to avoid falling for sales gimmicks like this and simply shop around. Choose a reputable replacement window contractor – like Lowery's – who does good work, boasts favorable online reviews, offers great value, and stands by their work with solid warranties.

Don't Worry, It's a "Lifetime" Warranty 

Speaking of warranties, they are NOT all the same. Even those labeled "lifetime" warranties may not last as long as you think. Don't let any salesperson hurry you past the fine print. It's important that you know how long your warranty lasts and what it covers. 

Some warranties contain numerous exclusions to the coverage. 

Some cover the costs of parts for the lifetime of the product but not the labor needed to repair it.

Other clauses may list ways you might void the warranty entirely, such as by using the product improperly or failing to maintain it.

Furthermore, ask what the word "lifetime" means. Is it your lifetime, the product's lifetime, or the company's lifetime?

Be sure you understand what the warranty states so you know how firmly the contractor stands by their products.

So, if you want to work with an exterior home remodeler known for never using sales gimmicks, choose Lowery's Window And Door in Northeast AZ. Contact us today to schedule a free quote.

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