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Home Remodeling Ideas for Windows & Doors

Remodeling your home? Think about how your windows and doors factor into your space and consider how upgrading them could enhance your everyday.

A new window or door can transform the feel of a room. Here are some photos and ideas to help you find the inspiration for your next home remodeling project, so you can start designing the space you've always dreamed of.

Popular Window Remodel Ideas

As you start to think about upgrading one or more rooms of your home, think about the windows and doors that are currently in place. How do they function with your needs? Does their location make sense with your new vision? Is it the type of window or door that works best with the style you are going for? Does your space need more or less natural light? Walking through questions like these can help you decide how to upgrade your windows and patio door during a home remodeling project.

Many homeowners like to take this opportunity to upgrade their windows and doors for more energy-efficient options, but some homeowners also like to completely change up their old window arrangement and get a look more in line with their design preference. Here are five common window and door remodeling ideas.

1. Window Arrangements

Maybe your space just has two single windows, or maybe you have side-by-side windows — regardless of your current setup, a remodel presents the chance to play with the arrangement of your windows. For homeowners looking to let in abundant light or perhaps create a connection with their natural surroundings, a wall of windows or a picture window can be a great solution.

2. Transom & Sidelight Windows

Embellish the look of your window or door with the addition of a transom window above it or a sidelight on one or both sides. Transoms and sidelights allow homeowners the opportunity to create a unique design while letting more natural light into a space. Some homeowners may prefer an operable transom, like a small awning window, above their standard window, while others may prefer the more formal look of a fixed elliptical transom with decorative glass.

3. Types of Windows & Patio Doors

There are different types of window and patio doors that suit different climates and different styles of homes. Perhaps you’ve been living with double-hung windows but would much prefer a casement. Or maybe you want to replace your French patio doors with a sliding patio door that takes up a bit less floor space. Weighing the functionality of your current space can help inform your decision to change up the type of windows and patio doors you want to use.

4. Replacing Windows with Doors

While you’re considering how you want your dream space to operate, it may be that you discover the functionality of your current windows don’t fully serve you. As the desire for indoor-outdoor living spaces continues to grow, many homeowners find they want easier access to the outdoors from their remodeled spaces. What once used to be two single-hung windows might better serve you as a patio door.

5. Window & Door Finishes & Colors

These days, windows are available in a wide range of color options far beyond your standard white or almond. Would a deep brick red window fit right in with your décor? Or perhaps you’d like to freshen up the exterior of your home with black aluminum cladding on your wood windows. Some windows are even offered with different interior and exterior colors so you can customize your replacement windows to your exact color specifications.

Whether your home renovation project is a few minor window updates or you’re planning to knock out some walls and add a new patio door, consider these expert tips before you get started.

Design Tips From the Experts

No matter the room you’re updating — living room, bedroom, kitchen or bath — these veteran home design experts will show you how a window or door can influence the style of any room.

Home Remodel Tips from Carter Oosterhouse

Carter Oosterhouse has appeared on several popular home improvement series on HGTV, DIY and NBC.

1. Choose quality, energy-efficient products for your home – whether they're windows, electrical appliances or light fixtures. It's worth the investment in terms of the money and energy you'll save in the long run.

2. Make your home feel like your own by mixing favorite family antiques with new decorative pieces, or adding splashes of color throughout your home.

3. Enhance your home's curb appeal by trying simple changes like:

  • Painting a bold-colored front door.

  • Choosing matching metal for your light fixtures, mailbox and house numbers.

  • Adding pops of color with planters.

4. Bring out your home and yard's natural beauty by adding eco-friendly elements and details that complement the surrounding landscape.

5. When renovating a historical home, research neighborhood or homeowner association guidelines to be sure you're selecting colors and details that are true to your home's history and architecture.

Home Remodel Tips from Vicki Payne

Vicki Payne is a nationally recognized designer and expert in home improvement, gardening and decorating. For more than 15 years, she's starred in For Your Home which can be seen on PBS and Create TV.

1. Do your homework. Before you start talking to designers and contractors, visit sites like Pinterest and Houzz. There’s no excuse for not knowing what you want your finished project to look like.

2. Avoid financial stress. Shop around and research the true cost of materials and labor, then do a “Business Plan.” If you’re working with an older home, anticipate structural and code issues. Set the money aside and keep a tight rein on your spending.

3. Set a work calendar. Once your project starts, it should move along every day. There’s no excuse for a project to sit unattended.

4. Instead of thinking about a project as a major undertaking, try breaking it up into doable phases that won’t put stress on you or your budget. If you’d love a new kitchen but can’t afford it, you can still get a running start on a new look by starting small.

5. Start with a color palette. Each room in your home should flow from space to space. That doesn’t mean you can’t use color, it just means that you need to think about the color tone and where the color will be used. That’s what color selecting is all about.

Bring Your Home Remodeling Ideas to Life

Bring all of your home remodeling ideas together in one convenient place. With our design tool, you can customize your window or door with the beautiful, innovative options that fit your home and lifestyle and see how it looks all pulled together before you make your big purchase. Every room in your home can be a reflection of your own personal style. If you’re still not sure what products are right for your home remodel, a Pella expert can help you sort through the options to find what suits you best. When you’re ready to begin your window remodel process, request a free in-home consultation to get started.

This article was written and published by Pella.

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