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How To: Replace or Reset a Window Balancer - Brought to you by Milgard Windows

Do you have a window that is not properly balanced? Watch this short video from Milgard Windows to learn how to fix the problem. We are going to show you how to uninstall and re-install a window balancer. Tools required: flathead screwdriver, safety glasses and gloves. There is a silver take-out clip on either side of the jamb. With the sash closed, use a screwdriver to pop the clips out at a 45 degree angle. Perform this on action on both take-out clips.

Remove the sash stops, which are located in the top corners of the window. Slide the sash up until you feel it disengage. You will want to make sure both sides catch on the take-out clips. Once they catch, you want to be able to see the bottom of the spring loaded balancers and you know you are past the engagement point.

Slide the sash to one side and remove. This is the balancer. It is spring loaded, so use caution when removing.

To remove, push it down and slide it back up. To reinstall, look for hook at the bottom of the balancer. Place the hook in the window jamb and press down. Remember, the balancer is spring-loaded so you will experience some resistance when pushing it down. Push the top portion up and the tab goes on the outside of the balancer.

Next, we will reinstall the sash. Place the sash above the bottom of the balancer. Line up the sash, push it in. Make sure you have clearance on the other side and balance it back and forth until you feel both tops catch.

Slide the sash down about an inch or two. Make sure you do not see the balancer or any metal on either side of the spring. Then, push in both of your take out clips and bring down the sash. Finally, re-install the sash stops.

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