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New and Improved Pella Impervia Windows and Patio Doors

Fiberglass is primarily known for three things: strength, durability and a timeless, wood-like look. Those are all qualities any homeowner would love — and a big reason why fiberglass is on the rise in homes across the country.

If those three characteristics are important to you, there’s reason to get excited about the latest improvements in the Pella® Impervia® line of windows and patio doors.

Pella Impervia uses the strongest fiberglass in the industry.

Quality windows and patio doors start with quality materials. And Pella’s proprietary fiberglass is quality to the core. Formulated in a one-of-a-kind manufacturing process, Pella fiberglass products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and the test of time.

Our proprietary process begins with the rovings, individual strands of fiberglass that interlock to make products from windows and patio doors to bridges and boats. We place rovings in a strategic, intricate order to build a strong foundation. Then, the material is pulled through a machine, injected with polymer resin and heated to create an even stronger, thermoset fiberglass product that won’t break down when exposed to the elements or lose its shape in extreme heat.

Pella Impervia windows and patio doors are engineered to last.

Whether you’re simply redecorating or undergoing a full remodel, you want sturdy products that give you years of return for that upfront investment. Pella’s fiberglass does just that, impacting your everyday life in a variety of ways for the whole lifespan of your windows and patio doors.

Unmatched Durability Through All the Elements

Pella fiberglass windows and patio doors are simply stronger than the competition, which means they can handle nearly anything life throws at them.1 Extreme heat, sub-zero temps, damaging UV rays, seacoast environments — Pella Impervia products are built and tested to withstand the harshest conditions. They won’t expand, contract or become brittle in the changing elements.

No matter what the weather’s doing, Pella fiberglass windows and patio doors will never rot or corrode. And they’re naturally resistant to water and bugs, so you can prevent other types of damage from ever entering your home.

That’s all thanks to the strength of what’s on the inside. On the outside, the powder-coat finish resists chipping, chalking and fading in the sun’s rays — even with dark trim colors. So your annual maintenance will be limited, and you’ll never have to repaint or refinish your fiberglass windows and patio doors.

Proven Performance and Energy Efficiency

Pella Impervia windows and patio doors have lasting performance to match their lasting looks. Fiberglass is one of the best insulators, providing a natural, energy-efficient barrier against cold and heat going into or out of your home. With dual-pane glass and plenty of energy-efficient options, you can meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR® standards in your state’s climate and reduce your energy costs.

Revolutionary Hardware for Hinged Windows

Thanks to new hardware technology designed to meet customer feedback, select Pella Impervia window styles are easier to operate, too. The all-new, Easy-Slide Operator — available exclusively on Pella Impervia casement and awning windows — takes the effort out of opening and closing your windows.

Instead of a rotating crank, the Easy-Slide Operator operates like a dimmer switch that allows you to slide your windows open to a precise point. And it’s sleek design is tucked within the frame, removing a common obstruction for window treatments.

Pella Impervia offers sleek, timeless styles.

The material and performance features weren’t the only things that received a makeover. Pella Impervia windows and patio doors are designed to today’s contemporary yet timeless trends.