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Pella's Easy-Slide Operator: A Game-Changing Window Innovation


The exclusive Easy-Slide Operator, a revolutionary, patent-pending hardware solution – available on Pella® Impervia® casement and awning windows.

Slide Open, Slide Closed With the same simple motion as dimming the lights with a dimmer switch, the Easy-Slide Operator allows you to simply slide to open and close your casement and awning windows, without the effort of cranking.

Sleek, Modern Design The slim, sleek design is placed discretely on the window for an undisrupted look and is tucked to not interfere with window treatments or decor. The easy-to-use hardware is located conveniently on the jamb of a casement window and on the sill for an awning window.

Secured With Precision Venting Technology Using precision venting technology, the hardware features a brake system that allows you to open your window exactly how far you want to — and it secures in place.

Designed With A Comfort Grip The innovative hardware is engineered with a comfortable grip for easy use and smooth operation.


The Easy-Slide Operator hardware is the proud winner of 2021 Best In Show by the International Builders’ Show. The simple operation, minimalist design, and long-lasting durability of the Easy-Slide Operator is an unrivaled, one-of-a-kind hardware solution.


Pella was the first manufacturer to introduce the Fold-Away style crank for casement and awning windows over 20 years ago. This helped change the window industry and set a new standard for hardware. Now, we designed an even easier way to operate your casement and awning windows – because you've endured the window crank long enough.

Feedback Powered Designs Through extensive customer research, we learned that our participants really dislike opening and closing their casement and awning windows with the crank. From its difficult operation to the obtrusive aesthetic, we saw an obvious opportunity to create something better. So, we set out to create a solution.

Unforgettable Design and Function We poured over every component and experience to make the operation of the Easy-Slide Operator simple and smooth. We set out to achieve a solution that isn't too difficult to open and close, not so easy that the window slams shut, but just right.


At Pella, we test beyond requirements to help ensure a hardware solution you can trust and a design that will withstand the test of time. The Easy-Slide Operator uses a ball-bearing design and a strong Kevlar-reinforced belt for long-lasting, smooth operation. The design was tested to extremes with drywall dust and debris to ensure that the mechanism holds up to dirt, wear and tear.


The revolutionary Easy-Slide Operator window hardware is based on Ronald Mace's Universal Design Principles. It is designed for inclusivity, to be a solution for all people, regardless of their age or physical ability. Here are some examples of how we applied these principles to the Easy-Slide Operator.

Principle 2: Flexibility in use Horizontal tab surfaces are curved for comfort and to accommodate many grip styles. The thickness of the knob helps reduce pinch grips for those with arthritic hands. Edges around the grip surfaces are beveled to reduce pressure points when operating.

Principle 5: Tolerance for Error The hardware knob incorporates a wing-back feature to guard against unwanted contact with the window jamb when opening.

Principle 6: Low Physical Effort The Easy-Slide Operator requires low effort to open and close your casement and awning windows.

Contact Lowery's Window and Doors to learn more about how Pella Easy Slide operating and how it can be a perfect addition to your home. This innovative new product can increase the value of your home and offer a new, sleek, modern design.

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