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Pella’s Proprietary Fiberglass

Beautiful New Windows In The Payson Area By Lowery’s Window & Door


Choosing Strong, Durable New Windows 

For Your Payson Area Home

Understanding The Strength Of 

Pella’s Proprietary Fiberglass


Having strong, dependable new windows for your Payson Area home is critical to ensure you get the biggest return on your investment. Whether you’re building a new construction home or upgrading your current home, finding the right option is essential.

Because of this, many homeowners turn to Pella Windows & Doors. This company has a long history of delivering excellence in its products, especially when it comes to energy-efficient windows. 

What many don’t know is that Pella Windows & Doors has a proprietary fiberglass that makes its windows so strong. Understanding what this means for your Star Valley home could mean all the difference when choosing your new windows.

Why Fiberglass Is A Great Option For New Windows

Many homeowners turn to fiberglass windows for the great benefits this material offers. In fact, it’s so dependable that it’s a trusted option for building bridges and boats. But what can it do for your new home construction?

Durability And Strength

Fiberglass is one of the most durable window frame materials you can choose for your home. It can shrug off dents, bends, and breaks like no other material is capable of doing. 

Additionally, it resists expansion and contraction, ensuring your home gets the best results for improved energy efficiency. This characteristic also prevents seal failures and delivers long-term stability, which guarantees flawless operation.

Resistant To All Types Of Weather Conditions

While there are a ton of window options available, none stand out quite like fiberglass when it comes to protecting your home from the weather. This material is highly resistant to water and wind. Additionally, it helps block outside noise from disturbing your peaceful relaxation.

Other window frame materials can become brittle and crack when subjected to large temperature swings. Fiberglass will stand strong no matter how much the temperature changes.

Eliminates Maintenance Requirements

One of the most favored features of fiberglass is its limited maintenance requirements. It’s not susceptible to rot, corrosion, water, or bugs. You’ll also never have to paint or refinish your windows because fiberglass will not chip, chalk, or fade.

The Undeniable Strength Of Pella’s 

Fiberglass In New Windows

Pella Windows & Doors has taken things a bit further when it comes to the company’s proprietary fiberglass. You’ll get all the same benefits as standard fiberglass windows offer, but the strength is unmatched.

What’s the difference that makes this fiberglass so strong? It’s all in the design of the woven fiber rovings. 

Fiber rovings make up the base of any fiberglass product. Most manufacturers use unwoven fiber rovings. 

Pella Windows & Doors uses a proprietary structure mat that weaves these rovings to ensure the ultimate strength is achieved. After the mats are constructed, they are layered with even more woven rovings to create the core of the material. 

Once each piece is in place, the mats are injected with a polymer resin and heated, creating a completely new inseparable thermoset material. This one-of-a-kind material is then coated with a powder-coat finish to ensure it resists chalking and fading.

Choosing The Best Contractor For A Window Installation

Choosing the best window installation contractor is important to ensure you reap all the benefits of fiberglass windows from Pella Windows & Doors. After all, your products will only be as good as their installation.

Fiberglass windows require an intricate installation process to ensure the perfect fit. You’ll need a new window installer with meticulous attention to detail who knows how to get the job done right the first time.

At Lowery’s Window & Door, we have the privilege of being a Pella Elite Contractor, a title that only the top 1% of Pella contractors across the entire nation receive. This means you’re guaranteed a quality installation that will stand the test of time.

When you’re ready to install new windows in your Payson Area home, reach out to the experts at Lowery’s Window & Door for your free quote.

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