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Replacement Windows For Home Improvement

There is no quicker and efficient route to creating serious curb appeal than updating your home’s windows.  Whether your home is modern or traditional, the look of new windows on your home has an aesthetically pleasing look.  If you are ready to make buy replacement windows, rest assured that you will likely see a return on your investment.  According to the website, “By investing in new windows, homeowners can recoup 70-80% of their investment."

While curb appeal is a great reason for investing in new windows, there are other signs that you may need to replace your windows.  Signs like: 

  • Drafts coming inside 

  • Damaged frames, keeping you from lifting and locking windows 

  • Condensation on windows 

  • Noticeable outside noise or odors coming into your home 

  • Cracks in glass 

There are also many benefits to replacing your windows.  Not only will you increase the style and appearance of your home, adding to your property value, but the increased energy efficiency will also save you money on heating and cooling bills. 

There are so many great choices when it comes to choosing replacement windows.  The replacement windows can be made from custom wood, fiberglass and vinyl.  The right windows can add architectural interest and stunning views.  The following are some tips to help you choose the right windows for your home improvement project: 

Have a scenic view? Floor-to-ceiling windows are picturesque and a good way to open your space, giving you a feeling that you are one with nature as its beauty surrounds you. 

Casement windows are perfect for kitchens.  They allow optimal ventilation while cooking, as you can easily open the window for fresh air. 

Two windows in a corner room can create cross ventilation as the afternoon sun comes in from both directions. The room will be brighter, and a nice breeze will easily flow through the room. 

You can emphasize a room’s height by installing specialty windows, with tall arched high windows.  This helps the room to look larger and feel more open. 

Double-hung windows are the most popular, and for good reason, they have classic lines, giving rooms a cleaner, more structured look. 

Bay windows will give you a panoramic view with a 3-dimensional feeling.  Perfect for a reading nook, you’ll love how the sun shines into your room from various angles. 

Whether remodeling, new construction or historic renovation, Lowery's Window and Door has what you need to make your property stand out and look fantastic.  We offer product and installation warranties and service agreements that cover your products and their installation, labor included, for up to 10 years.  Call 928-468-0591 today for a consultation with a window professional.  

This blog was written, created, and published by Pella.

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