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Security Features For Your Payson, AZ Replacement Windows


Protect Your Payson, AZ Home With Security Features In Your

Replacement Windows

Lowery’s Window And Door Has The Safest

Replacement Windows In Happy Jack


The replacement windows in your Payson, AZ home are there for more than just aesthetics. While your replacement windows can completely revitalize the look of your Happy Jack home, they also can provide you with a new sense of safety. 

Lowery’s Window And Door’s elite manufacturers, Pella Windows and Doors and Western Windows and Doors, offer homeowners an array of high-tech and dependable security features to ensure that their home is protected at all times. 

When you come to us for your home window replacement, we will provide you with exceptional options to bring a sense of style to your home while protecting those inside. Here are some security features that can help keep your home and the people inside safe. 

Replacement Windows With Enhanced

Locking Systems

When you shut and lock your windows, you expect them to remain secure. Unfortunately, older windows can have locking systems that aren’t quite as dependable or easier to break. 

This can put your home at risk and leave you vulnerable to home invasions. Thankfully, Pella’s windows and doors can be outfitted with an array of highly durable locking systems to ensure you are always safe when relaxing in your Happy Jack home. 

Pella provides window locking systems that don’t interfere with your replacement window’s function and maintain their beauty. You can choose the locking system that makes you feel the most comfortable and provides peace of mind for your home.


Get Stronger Replacement Windows

You may notice that the older windows in your home don’t just lack security measures but are lacking in strength, too. 

Older homes often have single-pane windows. These windows aren’t known for their durability or their strength. It’s far easier for an intruder to break them than it would be double-pane or even triple-pane windows. 

These home window replacements are designed to stand up against just about anything and give you the sense of security that you have been longing for. 

As a bonus, Lowery’s Window And Door’s stunning windows from Pella and Western are also highly energy efficient. So, you no longer have to concern yourself with intruders or high energy bills. What can we say? It’s a win-win. 

Home Replacement Windows

Fit Your Home Perfectly

As time passes, your older windows may not be the perfect fit for your home as they originally were. Window placement can be impacted by weather, moisture, or other issues. 

If your windows do not perfectly fit into your home, it may be easier for a potential intruder to remove them and find their way into your home completely. Thankfully, this issue can be easily solved when you come to us for your precise home window replacement. 

Our windows are custom-fitted to your home’s exact specifications to ensure they are snug and secure in your Payson, AZ home. You don’t have to worry about leaks, drafts, or intruders. 

Instead, you can simply enjoy the beauty of your windows and relax in your home without a care in the world. 

Durable Frames For Your Replacement Windows

Just as your replacement windows may begin to shift within your home and cause an imperfect fit, your frames can become worn down and lose their durability. 

Over the years, window frames can weaken due to incoming moisture, rot, or just old age. This process can be quicker than homeowners expect if they are not properly caring for their specific frame material. Older windows often come with frames that don’t offer the same durability as today’s frames. 

But, this security risk can also be addressed with an intricate home window replacement. Western and Pella window frames are designed to be undeniably durable. When installed meticulously by a Pella Elite Contractor, these frames are a fantastic security feature. 

They also provide a stunning look for your home and come in an array of beautiful colors that you can choose from. 

Security doesn’t mean that your windows won’t be stylish. Instead, you can easily get the best of both worlds when you come to Lowery’s Window And Door. 

If you are searching for the ideal replacement windows for your home in Payson, AZ, turn to the experts at Lowery’s Window And Door for your free quote today.

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