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Sliding Doors For Your Arizona Home

No one lives in Arizona to spend all of their days inside their home. The weather may not cooperate for 365 days a year, but when the cool temperatures hit, there are few places that can match the atmosphere. The best way to build a bridge between the indoors and outdoors is a sliding glass door, and Pella can help you find the set that best fits your home.

Arizona Homeowners Want to be Outdoors

When the humidity is low, the skies are clear and the sun is shining, there is no better place to be than outdoors in Arizona. Those who live outside the Grand Canyon State may be under the impression that Arizona is hot and dry, but for 300+ days out of the year, most of the state experiences the type of weather that is simply irresistible.

Granted, each part of the state is different. Winter, for example, has a different meaning in Northern Arizona than it does in Southern Arizona. Arizonans in the upper parts of the state are able to ski down snow-covered mountains in the winter. At the same time, their neighbors to the south are out and about in shorts and t-shirts, enjoying the mild weather.

The beautiful weather that extends nearly statewide is what brings people to Arizona, and none of them come here to stay inside. That’s why a sliding glass door is essential to any Arizona home, connecting your indoor living space to all that the outdoors has to offer.

Sliding Glass Doors are Essential to Arizona Homes

Whether you live in a contemporary-style Scottsdale home or call a Spanish Colonial in Tucson your humble abode, your lifestyle can be improved by the addition of a sliding glass door. Consider how this Tucson homeowner was able to enhance their Pueblo Revival home with a set of sliding glass doors connecting their indoor family room to their outdoor patio.

Sliding glass doors are especially appealing if you already have a backyard, porch or balcony. Sliding doors provide easy access to your outdoor space, ensuring that the beautiful outdoors are always only a few steps away. But ease of access is not the only perk.

Arizona homeowners need no reminder that the Sun is a fixture of Arizona, which is why energy-efficiency is critical. Insulating glass with argon can help block a significant portion of the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays, keeping the inside of your home cool and comfortable when the dry summer heat makes itself at home outside. Between-the-glass blinds or shades also allow you to control how much sunlight you allow your sliding glass doors to invite into your home.

Have we also mentioned that sliding glass doors can create the illusion of a larger space? Because sliding glass doors slide along a track, rather than open up a hinge, you can have them installed in areas where space is limited, maximizing the space available to you.

Choose Sliding Glass Doors for Your Home

Sliding glass doors offer the best of both worlds. Because they are energy-efficient, they can help protect the inside of your home from the outside elements. But when the weather is accommodating, all you have to do is slide them open and you’re all set for an afternoon out on the patio or in the swimming pool. The large panes of unobstructed glass also afford you a picturesque portrait of the surrounding area, so the beautiful outdoors never feel far.

Ready to get the right sliding glass doors for your home? Visit our showroom and our team can find the doors that are going to open up your life to blue skies and cool weather.

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