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The Best Front Door Material for Your Home

Whether you’re looking for a new construction or replacement front door, we have a variety of material types to choose from. Learn more about each material and which is the best option for your home.

A new front door is the perfect way to create an updated look for your front entryway. Made from wood, fiberglass or steel, front doors come with a variety of features and options to match your home’s aesthetic. With each material type, there are specific benefits that can help you reach your home’s ultimate design and performance goals. As you read this article, consider your desired aesthetic, level of light and privacy and energy efficiency requirements.

What Type of Front Door Material Is Right for Your House? With wood, fiberglass or steel front doors, each material can provide different benefits to help you meet the unique goals you have for your home. As you research different materials, consider the maintenance requirements, panel styles and personalization opportunities. One important thing to decide is whether you would like a front door with a glass window, or if you would like a front door with a solid panel. A front door with a glass window will allow bright light to stream into your home, while a solid door panel will allow for maximum privacy. Additionally, consider the amount of maintenance that each material will require. Steel and fiberglass front doors require the least amount of maintenance. They’re made from durable materials that resist dents and scratches, with a long-lasting finish. Wood front doors require a bit more maintenance. You will occasionally have to refinish or repaint a wood front door. From naturally energy-efficient wood panels to durable fiberglass and steel panels, there are many benefits of a new front door, such as dependable performance and inspired designs. Whether you’re looking for a replacement front door or new construction front door, there are a variety of front door panel designs made from the three main materials. Each material type has its own set of benefits to help complement your home.

Wood Front Doors Primary benefit: Naturally energy-efficient Common home styles: Ranges from traditional to modern, depending on personalization options Price point: $$$$$ Nothing compares to the beauty and craftsmanship of real wood. Wood front doors are made from a naturally energy-efficient material and provide a classic feel for the entrance to your home. Pella wood front doors are made with an ethically sourced, sustainable mahogany frame. The front door panel floats in the frame, which allows the door to adjust to outside weather extremes. Choose the warm elegance of a Mahogany or stunning Rustic Walnut front door panel. Both feature a variety of style options, including panel styles, decorative glass, grille patterns, prefinish stains and other options to personalize your façade. Thoughtful features such as stain-grade frames and an optional multipoint lock system set Pella’s wood entry doors apart from the rest. Choose from solid-panel or wood front doors with glass for the perfect look for your home. Wood front doors offer the most personalization options – if you can dream it, we can build it.

Fiberglass Front Doors Primary benefit: Incredibly durable Common home styles: Transitional homes Price point: $$-$$$$ Front doors made of fiberglass offer high performance with low maintenance. The Pella fiberglass material is dent-resistant and won’t rust or corrode. You can choose from a Mahogany-grain, Oak-grain, Fir-grain or smooth fiberglass panel. Grained fiberglass has the warm, rich look of wood without the maintenance requirements, at a more budget friendly price. Panels are installed with a composite frame, which is a low-maintenance option to help protect your home from drafts and leaks while providing exceptional energy efficiency. With the choice of solid panels or panels with glass, you can create a beautiful look for your entryway that will withstand the elements for years to come.

Steel Front Doors Primary benefit: Naturally Strong Common home styles: Modern & contemporary homes Price point: $$-$$$$ Steel front doors are naturally strong and durable. The smooth surface creates an even color when painted. And the steel panels give your home a quality appearance that is easy to maintain. Available in solid panels, steel front doors add design intrigue to your home while maintaining a maximum level of privacy. Steel front doors come with an innovative and low-maintenance frame system that is rot resistant and provides years of exceptional energy efficiency and performance.

Glass-Paneled Front Doors Front doors with glass are made from wood and fiberglass. Allow natural light into your home while creating drama. Pella front doors are available in a variety of obscured glass options, allowing you to find the right balance of light and privacy for your home. Low-E insulating glass comes standard on all glass-paneled Pella entry doors, providing thermal protection for exceptional energy efficiency. With effective insulation from both heat and cold, a Pella glass-paneled entry door is a great choice for all climates. Upgrade to beautiful decorative glass choices for a touch of personal style or added privacy.

Fiberglass Front Doors vs. Wood vs. Steel To determine which front door material is best for you, determine which factors are the most important to your home and compare how each material performs. Fiberglass and steel front doors will require the least amount of maintenance, while wood front doors will require maintenance from time to time. Each material and its frame system has been optimized to help make your home more comfortable. If you desire a front door with a glass panel, choose a wood or fiberglass front door. Wood front doors offer the most options for personalization, while steel front doors offer the least options for personalization.

#1 Preferred Entry Door Brand No matter what material you choose — wood, fiberglass or steel — you can trust in a Pella front door. They are the #1 preferred entry door brand by homeowners.58

Which is the right material for my front door?

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