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When Are New Construction Windows Installed?

Updated: Apr 26

New Windows In A Payson Area New Home Construction Installed By Lowery’s Window & Door


When During The New Home Construction 

Process Are Your New Windows

Installed In The Payson Area?

Understanding The New Home 

Construction Process For

Installing Windows


Designing and building your new home is one of the most thrilling times you’ll have in your life. While you can make any home uniquely yours, building it from the bottom up is another experience entirely.

Along the way, you’ll have a lot of important decisions to make, including the ideal new windows for your Payson Area home. Timing the delivery of all the essential parts of your new home is essential to guaranteeing flawless construction.

But when do your new windows get installed during the construction process? Understanding the timeline will help you expertly plan your window installation to coincide with all your other trades.


The Ideal Timing Of A Window Installation 

During New Home Construction

In general, new windows are installed after the frame has been built and the roof installation is complete. The walls must be standing before the windows are put in place.

This process ensures your new windows will get the best fit and seal. Once the installation is complete, the interior of the project will be protected from the elements.

It’s important to note that this step should also be completed before any interior work, including plumbing, electrical, and drywall. This will allow your window company easier access to the window openings, guaranteeing a smoother process.

All exterior finishes should be applied after the window installation to ensure the home has a seamless finish. Attempting the installation after completing these finishes can damage the exterior of your home, creating a startling line where the window begins and the finish ends.


Important Factors That Can Affect 

Your Window Installation Timeline

Knowing when your new windows should be installed is great. But sometimes, unforeseen problems can surface, affecting the installation timeline.

If the weather is particularly nasty, with a lot of rain and high winds on the day of installation, your window installers will not be able to complete the job. This type of weather can compromise the quality of your new windows and affect the overall installation.

Special windows, such as large picture windows, will require extra care and more manpower during handling. Custom windows can be much more challenging to install than the common double-hung options, which could potentially extend the project into an extra day.

Additionally, every window comes with specific instructions from the manufacturer regarding proper installation. A reputable window installer in the Star Valley area will follow these instructions to the letter to guarantee you get the most from your new windows. 


Installing New Windows Earlier Vs. 

Later In the Construction Process

There are benefits to installing your new windows earlier and later in the construction process. Knowing which will provide the best benefit to your new home construction is important to ensure you get the most from your investment.

The Benefits Of Early Installation

Installing earlier will offer more protection to the interior of your new home as the work progresses. This will keep your electrical work safe and your drywall free from water damage. Additionally, those working on interior projects will be protected from any inclement weather, preventing unwanted delays to the project.

The sooner the windows are installed, the quicker you will be able to test them for defects and smoothness in operation. Finding any problems during construction makes fixing them much easier than after the home is completely built.

Early installation also helps create the entire picture of your new home construction. Instead of having breaks in your exterior design, everything will seamlessly blend into one cohesive unit.

The Benefits Of Later Installation

With an early installation, you have to worry about extra protection for your new windows. Any contractors on-site may need to cover the windows with protective materials to prevent accidental damage.

Additionally, installing your new windows as early as possible can make any changes in your construction plans very challenging. The more work that is completed after the installation, the harder it will be to change any aspect of your design.

When you install at a later time, you avoid both these problems. However the key to timing it just right is ensuring that the process will effortlessly coincide with all the other work needed to be completed during construction.


Choose The Best New Window 

Company In The Payson Area

To ensure you get your money’s worth when installing new windows for your new construction home, be sure to hire an experienced contractor for the job. Lowery’s Window & Door has served our community for over 20 years, offering nothing but the best support to our homeowners.

With premium products from the Pella Windows & Doors company and Western Window Systems, we provide our homeowners with solutions for superior energy efficiency. Our installers are meticulous at everything they do, ensuring a flawless finish on every job they complete.

So, when you’re ready to install new windows in your new home construction in the Payson Area, reach out to the experts at Lowery’s Window & Door for your free consultation.

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