Windows through Time

Classic cars and retro décor drive the views in auto showroom.

Big windows aren’t always just about looking out at the landscape. In the case of Choice Auto & Truck in Payson, Arizona, it’s also about the view from the outside looking in – and the ability to drive vintage vehicles through large openings.

Robert and Fayth Lowery, owners of Lowery’s Window & Door, the dealer for the project, knew their client needed the perfect combination of form and function. The entire front of the building consists of big glass panels with narrow sight lines that provide a clear view of the showroom floor and its sleek classic sports vehicles and American muscle cars interspersed with vintage neon gas station signs and old-school fuel pumps.

“The Western Window Systems multi-slide sealed better (than a garage door).” - Robert Lowery, Lowery’s Window & Door

The special sills that enable vehicles to roll in and out of the showroom blend right in with the sliding glass doors.

“It was a toss-up between a garage door and a Western Window Systems door,” Robert Lowery says of the options for the storefront. “The big difference was the look and the way the Western Window Systems multi-slide sealed better.”

Robert Lowery of Lowery’s Window & Door says he chose Western Window Systems sliding glass doors for the auto showroom project because they seal better than garage doors.

The massive panels of the Western Window Systems Series 600 Multi-Slide Door open fully to the outdoors so cars can come and go through the front of the building. Fayth Lowery says they used special sills they could drive over but which would blend in as well. “You would never see them,” Fayth says of the sills.

Giant moving walls of glass provide clear views of American muscle cars inside the showroom, and views of small-town Arizona outside the showroom.

Robert says the 16-by-12-foot multi-slide door provides “a great custom look and feel for the town of Payson,” a small town surrounded by the Tonto National Forest near the center of Arizona known for its nostalgic vibes built around classic car shows and community events like a 136-year-old annual rodeo.

“You just can’t find the quality and craftsmanship with any other product. That’s why we chose Western Window Systems.” Fayth Lowery, Lowery’s Window & Door

In addition to providing enough space for vehicles, the 16-by-12-foot multi-slide door provides “a great look and feel,” says Robert Lowery of Lowery’s Window & Door.

In addition to providing a crystal-clear view into the ‘50s and ‘60s setting of the showroom, Western Window Systems’ large moving glass walls offer security and quality, Fayth says. “Because of the types of vehicles they are – they’re very high-dollar. You need something strong, something secure, something quality,” she says. “You just can’t find the quality and craftsmanship with any other product. That’s why, for a project like this, we chose Western Window Systems.”

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