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Choosing The Best Windows For Your New Home

New Windows Installed In The Payson Area By Lowery’s Window & Door


Make The Most Of Your Investment In 

Your New Payson Area Home With 

The Best New Windows

Your Guide To Maximizing 

Energy Efficiency And 

Total Home Comfort


When you design and build a new home construction, you want the best of everything to ensure your investment goes as far as possible. From stunning curb appeal to maximum comfort, new windows in the Payson Area can do a lot for your new home.

It’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed with the decision-making process, especially when it comes to choosing the right windows. With so many options available, it can become a chore to pick the perfect solutions for your new home.

At Lowery’s Window & Door, we understand the challenges you may face when shopping for the best windows, so we’ve created this guide to help make the process easier.


Choose Windows That Will Enhance Your 

Payson Area Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the best parts about new home construction is the ability to bring your incredible vision to life. From the landscaping to the exterior home features, you have the control to decide what goes where to create the perfect aesthetic.

Naturally, you’ll want your new windows to complement the beautiful features you choose. Whether you opt for vinyl, fiberglass, or wood window frames, when you rely on a trusted window company for your installation, you’re guaranteed premium results.

For us at Lowery’s Window & Door, settling for less than the best was never in the cards. That’s why we rely on stunning window options from Pella Windows & Doors and Western Window Systems.


Opt For Exceptional Energy Efficiency

In addition to beauty, your new windows should also be energy efficient. To find the best windows, you’ll need to pay attention to a few important numbers on the labels, including the following:

  • U-value: A measurement of the insulating value of windows. The lower the number, the better the window does at keeping hot and cold temperatures outside.

  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC): Measures the solar heat entering through the window. The value ranges from 0–1 and the lower the number, the better for your home. 

  • Visible transmittance (VT): Measures how much light will penetrate the windows.

  • Air leakage: Measures the rate at which air passes through a window. Having a lower number means less air can infiltrate your home. 

By choosing windows that offer excellent ratings for all these measurements, you can ensure your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work overtime. Instead, your windows will help keep your indoor temperature right where you want it.

Something else to consider is selecting a window option with a low emissivity (Low-E) coating on the glass. This coating is specially designed to limit the amount of UV rays that penetrate your home, helping keep it cool and protecting your belongings from fading.


Pick The Right Style Windows For Each 

Room In Your Star Valley Home

It’s easy to think that any window will work in any room. However, in certain spaces, different styles are a necessity.

For instance, if your new home design calls for a window over the kitchen sink, a double-hung window will be nearly impossible for most people to open. In this instance, a window that opens outward would be a much better option.

Additionally, if you want to make a statement in a high-traffic area, consider a custom window option. A large picture window can give you a broad view of the landscape while letting in an abundance of natural lighting. 

Of course, choosing all the same windows is an easy option, but with a new home construction, you can really take things over the top with carefully selected window options.


Consider The Maintenance Requirements 

Of Your New Windows

While vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows all offer stunning beauty and amazing energy efficiency, you’ll have to decide which is right for you when it comes to maintenance. Vinyl and fiberglass require little to no maintenance to keep their original luster.

Wood will require a bit more effort, but many homeowners find its beauty far outweighs any inconvenience. It will require painting or sealing every few years to retain its gorgeous appearance.

Regardless of which option you choose, all three materials will last decades. When maintained properly, they’ll boost your home’s curb appeal throughout their entire lifespans.

When you’re ready to select from premium new window options for your new home in the Payson Area, reach out to the experts at Lowery’s Window & Door. We have all the options from the best manufacturers. Call us today to schedule your free estimate.

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