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How To Create A Stunning Indoor/Outdoor Living Area With Multi-slide Doors


Stunning Patio Door Design Ideas For

Your Pinetop-Lakeside Home

If You Are Looking To Upgrade Your

Patio And Outdoor Living Area,

Consider Multi-slide Doors


Multi-slide doors for your patio space are a beautiful way to capitalize on your indoor and outdoor living areas and update your home.  

No matter what your home’s style: modern or traditional, minimalist or maximalist, multi-slide doors in Pinetop-Lakeside can create an outdoor/indoor space that flows effortlessly.  

Imagine a living area surrounded by nature and infused with natural light.  Using nature as a design element never goes out of style, and natural light has a variety of design and health benefits.  

Whether building a new house or looking for a doable renovation to enhance your existing home, using multi-slide doors or patio enclosures creates that natural and light-filled space in your Navajo County home. 

Modern Multi-Slide Doors: Clean Lines And Lots Of Glass

Multi-slide doors are typically 4-6 feet taller than traditional sliding glass doors.  It forms a “wall of glass” or invisible wall feel, creating a sleek, contemporary way to let the outdoors in. 

To further the seamless, invisible wall feeling, you can opt for multi-slide doors that will stack and tuck away into a pocket in the wall.  Multi-slide doors lend themselves easily to a modern feel for your home, depending on your chosen materials and design options. 

Using materials such as aluminum or vinyl for the sills and handles in neutrals like black or white creates a minimalist, contemporary, or ultra-modern feel.  The less that interrupts the sight line, the better, giving you panoramic views of your outdoor space. 

Traditional Multi-Slide Doors: Wood And Natural Light

Instead of a contemporary minimalist look, a traditional, warm, cozy space might be more your style.  This can be created with wood for the sills and a design that stacks the multi-slide panels on top of each other, framing the view outdoors.  

Multi-slide doors let more light into your space, whether natural light in the daytime or warm patio lighting.  This gives your indoor space a cozy yet airy feeling.  

You can further the cozy, traditional feel with a variety of paneling designs offered by some brands, like Pella multi-slide doors.  Adding panels can create that framing effect.

The Ultimate Entertaining Space For

Your Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ Home

If you want to create a living area that lends itself to entertaining, multi-slide doors are the perfect design element.  

A patio is the ultimate space for having guests over.  You might have an intimate conversation space with a firepit and cozy couches.  Or you might have a beautiful outdoor kitchen with vegetable gardens.  Your patio may have a pool and be the ultimate recreation space. 

No matter how you use your patio, multi-slide doors are a great way to capitalize on this space. Picture your guests flowing easily from the living room to the patio through your large multi-slide doorway.  This doubles your entertaining space and makes your guests more comfortable.  

Using Glass to Expand The Living Area

In Your Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ Home

If you are building a new home and want to create a living area that feels large and airy, or if you’re going to renovate and expand your current living space and add more natural light, multi-slide doors are the perfect design idea. 

Multi-slide doors have more glass area than other traditional doorways, like French doors, sliding doors, or bi-fold doors. More glass means letting more light and your backyard view into your living area. 

Multi-slide doors leading from your living room to your patio can give the feeling of a greatly expanded room by letting more views of nature and light into your room. They can boost your space by giving you the option of simultaneous indoor and outdoor living. 

Use multi-slide doors as a design element to create or enhance the large, airy feel of an open-plan living area. They are a simple design element and relatively easy to install but can make a big difference to the overall feeling of your home.   

Exceptional Multi-Slide Door Installation In Pinetop-Lakeside

Lowery’s Window & Door is the premier multi-slide door provider in Navajo County.  We work with the most well-known names in window manufacturing. Plus, we offer our customers options like Western multi-slide doors and Pella multi-slide doors to provide a wide range of design and budget options.  

At Lowery’s Window & Door, we use our years of expertise and unmatched customer service to help you find the best options for your home.

Call Lowery’s Window & Door at 928-468-0591 for a free quote if you want to upgrade your living space with multi-slide doors.

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