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Series 600 90-Degree Multi-Slide Door

Taking Western Window Systems’ popular sliding glass walls one step further by eliminating a connecting post, the Series 600 90-Degree Multi-Slide Door completely opens up the corner and sides of a room for completely uninterrupted indoor/outdoor living.

This innovative approach to expanding space includes the same style, quality, and high-performance features found in the Series 600 Multi-Slide Door, including thermoplastic spacer (TPS) technology for enhanced energy performance, a medium stile with a 2.5" interlock for additional rigidity and strength, and rolling panels that can be stacked at the opening or slid into pockets.

Lowerys Window and Door is a certified Western Window and Door installer: Western Windows is focused on helping people live better through remarkably beautiful moving glass walls and windows that blend the indoors with the outdoors. Their products transform spaces by expanding interiors, welcoming in fresh air and natural light, and framing landscapes.

Bring the outside in with Western Windows. Call Lowery's Window and Door today 928-468-0591 to get a quote on your next project.

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