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You Don’t Want A “Low Quote…” You Want A VALUABLE Quote

Updated: Mar 28

Low Window And Door Quotes In Payson, AZ | Lowery’s


Why A Low Window And Door Quote Should Put You On HIGH Alert

If A Price Seems Too Good To Be True, Well… It Probably Is


At Lowery’s Windows & Doors, we’re fully aware of the shady tactics used by many window and door companies. Subpar materials. Phony discounts. Pricing games. And rehearsed, pressure-filled sales strategies.

But most of all, we’re aware of the non-specific, deceptive low quotes that (understandably) entice so many homeowners to sign the dotted line. 

And everything seems on the up and up… until the contractor stops showing up, adds additional fees for “unforeseen issues,” uses materials that don’t last, and fails to honor their “warranty.” 

You probably know EXACTLY what we mean. 

And if you do, you can take solace in the fact that we don’t play sales games or offer deceptive, “too good to be true” quotes. At Lowery’s Windows & Doors, we may not be the cheapest initially, but we DO offer excellent window and door installation value in Payson, AZ and the surrounding area.

And that value is reflected in our detailed and honest quotes.


The “High Quality, Low Prices” Scam  

There are ways to lower the cost of window and door services. Some are legitimate, some aren’t. 

For example, at Lowery’s Window & Door, we navigate favorable deals with our manufacturers. More than that, we use the best installers who are detail-oriented to ensure the job gets done right the FIRST TIME. 

As a result, we control our costs and offer competitive pricing options for YOU. 

However, many companies within the industry aren’t so, well, honest. You see, many offer incredibly low prices (and I mean the eye-popping quotes that seem too good to be true). But they HAVE to compromise somewhere… and they do. 

Believe it or not, they’re not cutting into their own profits… they’re cutting into the quality of YOUR windows and doors. They often purchase lower-quality materials and hire rookie installers. 

Additionally, since you’re not paying them all that much, they have less incentive to prioritize your project. Often, this leads to major project delays. In the worst cases, it can even seem as if they’ve run off with your money. 

It’s A Low Quote… Until It’s Not! About

Those Dreaded “Added Costs”

So, what do we mean by “until it’s not?” Well, quite simply, many contractors add costs AFTER your project starts. 

For example, let’s say you hire a window replacement contractor to do your windows. But after they begin, they all of a sudden find “mold damage” around the frame and charge you MORE than what you were quoted to fix the problem. 

We’re not saying unforeseen issues should never occur, but the contractor should do everything in their power during the inspection to detect ALL issues. Unfortunately, they usually don’t. So, when something such as mold is discovered, you pay more. 

With Lowery’s Windows & Doors, we put our results first and our profits second. The price you see on your detailed, line-by-line window replacement or door replacement quote is the price you pay. If it’s something we should’ve seen during the inspection but didn’t, then we eat the cost – not you. 

The Best Solution: Focus On LONG-TERM

Value, NOT Short-Term Cost Savings

Make no mistake – we get it! It’s nice to save money where you can without compromising the quality of what you receive. And we’re not saying good deals don’t exist. But when it comes to

window and door replacement, low project quotes correlate with low-quality project results.

Here’s what we recommend: focus on the long-term value and worry less about saving as much money as possible upfront. 

Because here’s the simple fact – the most expensive window and door replacement is the one you have to pay for TWICE. That is to say, you may have to pay to redo the job of the cheap contractor. 

Whether it’s one year, two years, or five years, you’ll eventually notice the negative effects of poor materials and craftsmanship.

But the good news? We make it EASY to maximize your long-term value. Our experienced installers get the job done right on attempt #1

More than that, whether it’s window replacement or door replacement, we use the BEST materials you’ll find anywhere. And the cherry on top – we back it with an unbeatable warranty.

If you’re searching for a window and door contractor who installs beautiful windows and doors that stand the test of time, then contact Lowery’s Windows & Doors for an accurate and detailed estimate

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