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Your Guide To Terminology Used For Doors In Payson, AZ

Updated: Feb 19


Your Guide To The Terminology Used When Installing Beautiful Payson, AZ Doors

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Installing replacement doors in your Payson, AZ home can be an overwhelming process for homeowners who feel like they don’t understand the terms being used to describe the products.

When you turn to residential door replacement companies for a consultation, you might quickly realize that there is a lot more that goes into doors than you previously thought. It’s not just the product and the frame. Other terminologies like jamb, sill, sidelights, and more might be thrown around during your consultation.

If you are not familiar with these terms, you may begin to feel overwhelmed. Getting replacement doors for your Rim Country home shouldn’t feel like a stressful experience. 

Understanding The Terms Used When Replacement

Doors Are Installed In Your Payson, AZ Home

Lowery’s Window & Door never wants you to feel stressed or overwhelmed when you come to us for a replacement residential door. To help relieve some of the anxiety homeowners may feel, we have put together this simple guide of common terminology.

Hopefully, this will help you walk into your consultation feeling confident and ready to jump into your residential door replacement service head first. 

Door Frame

The frame is the area of your door that provides its structure and holds every other aspect of the door together.

What may surprise many homeowners is the fact that a door frame is made from a variety of other parts. While some may think it’s just one long continuous piece, it is actually made up of an array of different pieces.

Door Jamb

The upper piece of your door frame is called the head jamb. It runs horizontally. The side jambs are the side pieces of the door frame. Together, these pieces make up your door's strong and sturdy frame.

They can be made of wood, fiberglass, and steel. We work with Pella windows and doors and Western windows and doors to offer homeowners frames made from high-quality materials designed to last.


The sill is also called a threshold. You’ve likely heard this word before. The sill is the part of the door frame that is on the floor. It remains underneath the door.

This piece is vital in protecting your home from water and incoming drafts.


When searching for the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your home’s doors, the sidelights are a wonderful place to start.

Sidelights are the glass panels that surround the doors. They can be customized with beautiful designs and made from high-quality glass that brings the natural light in while maintaining stellar energy efficiency.

Customizing the sidelights is a beautiful way to make your doors look unique and upgrade your home’s aesthetic.


Another style element of any high-quality door is the glazing. The glazing is the glass inserts that go within your door panel.

This can also be customized with different designs, patterns, and shapes. The doors provided by Western and Pella can be outfitted with the perfect glazing to meet any homeowner’s specific style.


Turn To Lowery’s Window & Door For Beautiful Doors

Now that you understand a few of the standard terms used in a residential door replacement service, it’s time to upgrade your home with new doors of your own.

The professionals at Lowery’s Window & Door have been helping homeowners find the doors of their dreams for over twenty years. We collaborate with every homeowner to find the ideal doors to meet their unique aesthetic and answer any questions that come our way.

As a Pella Elite Contractor, you can rely on Lowery’s Window & Door to install your doors with precision the first time.

If you’re interested in replacing the doors in your Payson, AZ, home, turn to the professionals at Lowery’s Window & Door for a free quote today.

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