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Learn About Energy Efficient Entry Doors

Efficient Entry Doors In Pine, AZ By Lowery’s Window & Door


Everything You Should Know About Energy 

Efficient Doors In Strawberry, AZ

Making Your Home More Efficient

With Effective Entry Doors


When working on your home, there are many things you can choose to elevate it. An entry door in Pine, AZ is a great way to improve its overall energy efficiency while giving your home a new, more updated look. 

There are various types and styles of doors for you to choose from, and by selecting the right one, you can make your home far more energy-efficient. This can reduce your impact on the environment while also increasing your home's comfort levels. Below is our guide on everything you need to know about entry door energy efficiency. 

Learn About Energy STAR Certifications For Doors

If your goal is to have an energy-efficient door for your home, the first thing you should learn about is probably Energy STAR ratings. If your door comes with this label, it means that it meets the energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

By choosing a certified door for your home, you are ensured that the door you’re getting installed in your home meets all industry standards. 

The doors provided by Lowery’s Window & Door don’t just meet the requirements of Energy STAR – they exceed them. 

Choosing The Right Entry Door Materials

Another thing you should consider for your entry door is the material the door is made out of. Choosing something such as a wooden, steel, or fiberglass door can lead to superior regulation for your home’s temperature. This helps reduce the amount of work it takes for your HVAC system to heat or cool your home.

If you aren’t sure how well your entry door works when it comes to insulation or which materials are right for your home, ask your provider which materials are the most energy-efficient before your installation. 

A High-Quality Residential Door Replacement Service

One of the main reasons why the energy efficiency of your entry door may not be as effective is if it isn’t installed properly. Gaps, air leaks, and poor insulation can all lead to your door’s energy efficiency dropping significantly.

Before you are finished with the final installation of your energy-efficient entry door, always make sure to perform a final walkthrough with your installer. 

Another thing you should look out for is the energy levels of your home, particularly through your utility bills. If your utility bills are increasing after the installation of your door, it may be a sign that your door was not installed properly, and you should get it inspected. 

Consider The Climate Of Pine, AZ When

You Are Selecting Your Doors 

A unique problem you should consider for your home’s energy efficiency is the Gila County climate. Doors that have reflective coatings can reduce heat absorption, which can keep your home cool even during the warmer periods of the year.

Make sure that the material of your door is also something that reflects the climate as well. Some door materials may be negatively impacted by extreme heat or cold. Always speak with your provider to see what can be done to protect your entry door’s appearance and maintain its efficiency during all times of the year. 

Luckily, we work with two of the best door manufacturers in the country, who design doors made for any temperature. Pella Windows & Doors and Western Window Systems have perfected the manufacturing process. We ensure your doors are installed properly to ensure they are the perfect choice for our unique climate. 

Call Lowery’s Window & Door For Your New Entry Door

With More Energy Efficiency In Pine, AZ

For years, Lowery’s Window & Door has provided incredible service to homeowners in the Gila County area. We work with some of the most reputable manufacturers to provide you with high-quality entry doors that are known to protect your home, give it a stylish appeal, and most likely improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Call our team today for your free quote and get started on upgrading your home with a brand-new entry door that you and your family are sure to appreciate.

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